Armenia Holidays

One can find various types of tour packages to Armenia from tailor made to special interest tours.     Armenia Holidays offers various tours to Armenia from regular packages to tailor-made and special interest tour to meet the needs of all kind of travelers to our country. One of the innovations for the company is Armenia guaranteed departure as well as combined Armenia Georgia guaranteed departure that launch each Friday. Guaranteed departures have on short notice become one of our most popular tours as they give the opportunity to like-minded individual travelers explore the country in a group. Yet, out of all trip, cultural packages are the most popular providing wide range of opportunities to explore the hidden corners of Armenia, meet and interact with locals, visit centuries old buildings, medieval monastic complexes and churches, UNESCO sites etc.

    Our packages include interaction with local community and overnight stays in local people houses to learn firsthand their lifestyle, way of thinking etc. We often need local people as local guides, hire local Russian military 4x4 for inaccessible areas and finally have authentic culinary experience of local organic food specific to the area. All this provide unique rural experience to the travellers on one hand and provides variety of revenue sources to local population. Our round trips to Armenia also include a visit to Armenian Brandy factory to sample the celebrated Armenian brandy, the favorite of Winston Churchill. We will also visit fruit market, a perfect place to explore Armenian food and to take a little piece of Armenia with you. Other must visit sites in Armenia include Garni Pagan Temple (1st century AD), Geghard Monastic Complex (UNESCO Site) Khor Virap Monastery, Noravank Monatery (meaning “New Monastery”), Cathedral and Churches of Echmiatsin and the Archaeological Site of Zvartnots (UNESCO Sites), Tatev Monastery along with the longest passenger airway tramway (5.7 km), Zorats Karer (Armenian Carahunge), Goris cave town; Lake Sevan, the world’s highest freshwater lake which is often referred to as “the Pearl of Armenia. If you do not find the tour you need in our site, write us an email and our professional staff will shortly get back to make the program you indeed looking for adjusting it to your time schedule and personal preferences. This can be a really good escape from every day hustle as sometimes after a long time a tough working schedule you feel that a good rest is all you need to bring back your enthusiasm to life and keep up with the quality work. In this regard Armenia has it all as in encompasses everything, wonderful sceneries, unbelievably hospitable people who will offer their help whenever you need it, also a wide variety of choice for those who are the lovers of active rest, hiking cycling etc.

    For nature lovers we can offers tours to the most beautiful places who ever have to see, hidden corners that are not conventional tourist spot, thus are pure and unspoiled. Our professional attitude to any request, personal touch, courtesy and flexibility is what distinguishes us from all the other tour operators in Armenia and what gives us a solid reputation in the market. Let us take care of your special tours to Armenia and make it unforgettable for the rest of your life.