Armenia Holidays

When you are thinking about your next adventure destination than the mountainous Armenia is waiting for you If you are thinking of you next adventure destination you are in the right place as trekking in Armenia can become your next travel adventure. Whether you are only an amateur in trekking or already a professional trekker Armenia Holidays can be supportive to offer the program just for you. Our suppliers in trekking are specialized professionals who are perfectly doing their job for many years and are well aware of all the peculiarities of the area, terrain weather etc. Armenia is country blessed with the most impressive mountains, beautiful mountain rivers and dragon lakes, fascinating views every now and then making Armenia a perfect fit for some marvelous trekking adventures. Trekking guides Armenia are the most professional so be certain you are safe and in good hands. Trekking in Armenia is one big adventure in itself. Armenia Holidays will provide you with the best locally available trekking equipment (tents, cooking equipment etc) to help your trekking tour go smooth and even. We’ll start our trekking trail from Kari Lake (Stone Lake) located at altitude of 3,190m in the slopes of Mount Aragats. The Lake is the last stop to which the cars can reach. Our regular active tour in Armenia program starts with a walking tour around the dynamic lively capital of Armenia, Yerevan, providing excellent vision into the rich history and culture of this old nation, that has been through a lot throughout its rich history but never gave up, instead retained its dignity and proud identity. The real adventures starts the following day when we have an early drive to Kari Lake then start our trek to the Southern Summit of Aragats, the highest mountain of Armenia and the entire Caucasus region (4095 meters). During the treks we’ll also climb another majestic mount Ajdahak to enjoy surrounding mountain slopes and lush meadows as well as impressive views on Mount biblical Mount Ararat. Your trekking tour can easily become the highlight of your Caucasus travel as Armenia has it all for it. During your trip you’ll also have some acclimatization days including a visit to Garni Pagan Temple (1st century AD) and Geghard Monastery, party hewn of rock (UNESCO World Heritage site). If you want we can hike down Garni Canyon to see the basalt columns, a real natural wonder often referred to as a “Simphony of Stones”. So if you are a trekking enthusiast and you think you have been to all must visit trekking destinations then you are about to discover something that you apparently won’t expect. We have trekkers from around the world who say that Armenia has been one of the best trekking countries so far and that they will definitely return to explore Armenia from different angles as there is so much thing to discover in this country. No wonder we have excellent feedbacks from our trekking tours which includes all the trekking gear, equipment and obviously careing and professional guides. We work with most professional suppliers so you can trust every detail of your perfect Armenian holidays to us. Once you discover this country of wonders you will return here over and over to discover more of this unknown and mysterious land, so let us help you.