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Armenian Church celebrated The Holiday of Holy Ejmiatsin Cathedral

On Sunday it was being celebrated one of the greatest holidays of Armenian Church- The Day of founding Holy Ejmiatsin Cathedral according to the vision of Saint Gregory The Illuminator. 

Press of Ejmiatsin informs that The Catolicos of All Armenians Garegin II took particiation in a holy liturgy which held in Saint Gayane church.


According to the legend, after being rescued from the pit of Khor Virap Saint Gregory The Illuminator had a vision- the only Begotten Son of God descended from the Heaven and hit the pagan temple with the gold hammer showing the place where the church should be consrtucted as a symbol of holy faith of the Armenians. This where the name of the Cathedral comes from- “Ejmiatsin” meaning “the only Begotten Son of God descended”.


When Gregory The Illuminator told king Trdat about his vision the king ordered to begin the construction of the “Catholice” of the Holy Ejmiatsin Cathedral dedicated to Virgin Mary. The main altar was constructed on the place where Jesus Christ descended. King Trdat and pricness Ashkhen with the people participated in the construction of the Cathedral.

According to the Ritual dictionary of patriarch Maghakia Ormanyan “catholice” means “main cathedral”, that is the reason why Ejmiastsin was named so. All the domed churches in general were called “catholice”. So the Holy See of Ejmiatsin is the main Cathedral and the spiritual centre of Armenian Apostolic Church.


The Day of Ejmiatsin is celebrated 64 days after Holy Easter. This day usually liturgy is being held and during the liturgy along with lots of sharakans (spiritual songs) the choir sings  famous sharakan “The only Begotten Son of God descended” which is about the vision of Gregory The Illumimator and construction of the Cathedral. The sharakan is written by catholicos Sahak Dzoraporetsi in 8-th century. 


If you got interested in the history of foundation of Armenian Apostolic Church and you are eager to see Ejmiatsin cathedral constructed in 301-303 you can see the tours including the Cathedral and many more interesting and worhty places. 

Source and photos: https://newsarmenia.am/news/armenia/v-armenii-otmetili-prazdnik-kafedralnogo-sobora-svyatogo-echmiadzina-foto/

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