9-th PanArmenian Tolma Festival 2019

Tolma (dolma) is one of the most popular dishes in Armenian culture. Tolma is prepared from minced lamb or beef mixed with rice, fresh herbs and spices, wrapped  in grape or cabbage leaves. Linguists consider that word “Tolma” comes from Urartian word “toli” meaning grape leaves. The preparation methods of tolma vary in each region of Armenia.


In Armenia, Tolma festival has been holding since 2011. During festival locals and tourists can taste different types of tolma including the tolma which is made with record-breaking length every year. This year the festival took place near Zvartnots Temple (VII). The guests had an opportunity to taste the longest tolma in the world of 100 meters which was listed in Guinnes World Record Book and which was made special for the festival guests.

The participants offered  more than 70 different types of tolma cooked according to Armenian national recipes which amazed with their originality. Among them there was tolma with cheese, walnut, fruits, chocolate and even tolma-barbeque.

The festival was accompanied with a cultural program including folk songs and traditional dances.



Photos from PanArmenian Tolma Festival event facebook page.


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