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About Us


Welcome to Armenia Holidays, a distinguished travel agency with a legacy dating back to 1997, proudly operating under the esteemed brand “Armenia Holidays.”

Established on a robust foundation, we stand as a paragon of excellence, providing a comprehensive suite of travel services. Our portfolio includes Inbound Travel, acknowledged by the International Sports Travel Agencies Association (ISTAA), Rent-A-Car services as the exclusive Armenian representative for Hertz (www.hertz.am), Vox Radio guides, and Outbound Travel, where we proudly hold membership in the International Air Transport Association (IATA) under the code N60-320234.

Our commitment transcends conventional travel services; Armenia Holidays stands as a trailblazer, dedicated to crafting unparalleled and immersive travel experiences. Specializing in cultural and religious professional travel products, we extend our expertise to a diverse array of special interest tours. Whether your passion lies in adventurous hiking and trekking expeditions, savoring culinary delights through our food and wine tours, exploring ancient rock art, or marveling at the beauty of birds and butterflies, we curate experiences that go beyond the ordinary. Armenia Holidays is more than a travel agency; we are pioneers in showcasing the beauty and diversity of Armenia.

Our influence extends beyond Armenian borders into neighboring countries such as Georgia and Iran, where we cultivate robust relationships with trustworthy and reliable partners. Join us on a journey, where each tour is an opportunity to explore, discover, and create lasting memories. Welcome to Armenia Holidays, where your journey becomes an unforgettable odyssey.