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Armenian Highland has rich fauna and flora giving the opportunity to have different types of holiday activities.

Due to unique geographic location, 350 species of birds have been reliably recorded within Armenia.The amazing nature, the Armenian hospitality, the delicious food, thousands of historical monuments in addition to above-mentioned factors make Armenia one of the most attractive destinations for birdwatchers.

Armenia has diverse bird species that cannot be found so close together in any other place. Thus, it is possible to observe desert and forest birds, waterfowl, high plains and alpine species living in the same area – sometimes even within the same square mile.

The forests of the mountainous areas are full of wide variety of birds. You can find the world’s largest breeding colonies of Armenian Gull near lakes Sevan and Arpi. Arpi lake is also famous for a small population of the well-known Dalmatian Pelican species.

Glossy Ibis, Pygmy Cormorant, Marbled Ferruginous and White-headed Ducks can be found in the Ararat plane due to the location of fish farms there.

The mentioned species are far away from being the complete list of the birds found in Armenia.The best time to visit Armenia for bird watching is May-July as well as September-October. If you are an experienced birdwatcher, we recommend to plan your trip for at least 8 days, 12 ideally.

Certain parts of Armenia still remain undiscovered, so don’t miss the unique chance to explore more as a birdwatcher.