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Hiking & Trekking

Hiking is the most enjoyable way to communicate with nature. Armenian geographical position, the variety of landscapes and favorable climate conditions give a great chance for hiking all year around. Armenia offers hiking tracks for both professional and amateur hikers.

The main hiking trails are considered to be on the way to Aragats Mountain which is the highest point of the Republic of Armenia. It has four peaks the highest of which is the Northern one with 4090 meters. Best time to hike here falls from June to August. The nature at Aragats attracts a lot of tourists as well as locals.One of the most thrilling and beautiful hiking trails is from Old Khot to Old Shinuhayr  village and Old Halidzor. These are the oldest settlements in Syunik province.

They all surrounded by gardens and inaccessible crags. In the territory of Armenia there are hundreds of old fortresses and towers. One of the most visited fortresses is Smbataberd. The fortress was founded in the 5th century and served as a residence for many knights. Another must-see hiking destination is Ughtasar where you can find ancient petroglyphs by which ancient Armenians’ imaginations about life and faith are expressed.
Do not miss the chance to be closer to the nature and to discover Armenia as one of the cradles of civilization.

Cycling & Motorbiking

Armenia is a wonderful place for cycling and biking tours.

These are one of the best ways to explore mountainous surroundings as well as enjoy the incredible landscapes of Armenia. Attractive and impressive routes, historical monuments, hospitable people, delicious cuisine will make your trip more interesting.

Cycling and biking in Armenia includes but is not limited with rides to the most picturesque looks of our country, for instance Tsahkadzor, which turns into a wonderful resort town in winter and perfectly transforms into a biking and cycling destination in summer and springtime. We will also ride to Dilijan another resort town often referred to as “Little Armenian Switzerland”.

Our cycling path  will also take us in the direction of Lake Sevan, “the Pearl of Armenia” located in the area of ”Sevan” national park. Except all above-mentioned sites we offer off-road tours as well. Trust us the planning of your Velo tours in Armenia and the rest is our job.

You’ll get the full travel package of endless delight and enjoyment.

Horseback Riding

Armenia offers another holiday idea for horse-riding lovers.

The fans of this noble type of sport can horseback through Armenia’s most colorful scenery and at the same time enjoy beautiful landscapes of the amazing nature. Horseback riding offers travelers a perfect way to travel the countryside and experience deep forests, wide valleys, high mountains, impressive naturе, incredible and rich flora and fauna as well as architectural monuments.

They will definitely attract you with their beauty and mystery. We offer horse-riding opportunities across the country for both beginners and experienced horse riders. Due to guidance of the specialists, you will feel more comfortable on the saddle for the rest period of your horseback riding holiday.

There is a great possibility of combining your holiday with walking, hiking, cultural and natural tours. Become part of Armenian nature by choosing horseback-riding tours in wonderful and sunny country of Armenia.