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Armenia has great potential to develop agrotourism given the fact that the area is highly favorable for this type of tourism.

Considerable part of Armenia’s population is engaged in agriculture which is one of the developed spheres of country’s economy. Agrotourism or ecotourism in Armenia offers a wide range of activities depending on guests’ wish. Guests can both follow the process or participate in them.

Eco-guesthouses provide participation in farming activities such as plantation work, land cultivation, production of agricultural products, fruit picking, poultry and livestock breeding, wine and local cheese (other dairy products) making, as well as making lavash in tonir, gata and cooking other traditional meals, honey straining off, making muraba (kind of jam) or other canings, making of dried-fruits etc.

Those activities include participation in tourist-recreational activities such as camping trips, horse riding, sports events, fishing, hunting, bird-watching, mushroom picking, burying, gathering of medicinal herbs, nuts and other forest products, etc.

Agritourism is perfect way of holiday if you appreciate authentic and organic food, love being in touch with nature and enjoy peace and hospitable rural atmosphere.