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As the only officially certified (Travelife, 2014) travel company in Armenia, Armenia Holidays recognizes the significance of sustainability with regard to environmental, social and economic aspects in the company’s activity.

The strength of the Travelife Partner program is that sustainability is integrated into the travel business model, thus making a significant and long-term difference. The business is committed to reducing the impact of its activity on the destinations involved.

This is done by developing a relationship with green-friendly suppliers and promoting eco packages to influence our travellers’ behaviour and help them make responsible choices. We have already taken a lot of steps toward sustainability and will definitely continue to monitor our progress and make improvements along the way.

We work closely with local communities to develop community-based eco-tourism in the country. This is achieved by ensuring ongoing community involvement: using BBs in almost all regions, purchasing local products and handmade accessories often made by local children, having meals in local houses/communities with locally grown food, hiring local guides etc.

This, on one hand, gives the opportunity to experience authentic rural hospitality first hand while generating additional income for the community and helping them to preserve their environment and cultural heritage.

Based on our sustainability philosophy we aim for higher customer satisfaction by developing and offering products and services that benefit the lifestyles of the local population and don’t disrupt nature and environment. This includes meals at local houses, offering escape tours by more sustainable modes of transport such as cycling, walking etc.

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