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A book about Armenian frescos to be published

During 2019 a collection of scientific articles about Armenian frescos will be published. Edited by Karen Matevosyan the book will be published by the  indemnity of the Scientific Council of Matenadaran (museum of ancient manuscripts ) after Mesrop Mashtots. 

This is the first such work dedicated to the Armenian frescos. The main purpose of the publication is further deepening of the study of the Armenian murals. The book includes analytical articles as well as documental materials, photographs which would promote more detailed study of them.


One of the purposes is to make corresponding specialists and cultural/historical monuments protection bodies and organizations pay attention to the problem of frescos, as they are mostly in a bad conditions and some of them are in danger of loss. 

One of the new approaches here is that the book denies prevalent viewpoint in literature that there is small number of Armenia murals. The rich content certifes that the Armenian murals were not small in numbers in Middle Ages and that Armenian fresco art was developing along with the architecture from the early Middle ages till modern times.


The Armenian Medieval  fresco art is described by cultural and artistic merits,  originality and has important role for the world art. 

The book consists of the articles dedicated to the general history of Armenian medieval and modern fresco art as well as some sites such as Harich, Kecharis, Geghard, Haghpat and other monasteries and information about the collection of National Gallery of Armenia.  


About some of the frescos there are publishing new information, dye-written texts, photographs etc. There is also a scientific reference on restorations and works on books about frescos. 

All the articles have resume in English.

The book will be published by the sponsorship of international “Victoria” charitable fund.

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Source: http://www.armenianart.org/page40.html

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