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Ecotourism in Armenia

30 Foreign and 10 local volunteers create conditions for camping in Armenia. Foreign volunteers came from Germany and Switzerland. Volunteers develop eco-tourism in Armenia in distant villages of Armenia. They help to construct new routes and campings for travelers.

Volunteers came to Armenia to share their experience to help the locals to develop infrastructures in the villages, for example, by setting signposts leading to the gorge trails.

Thanks to the volunteers the problem of the route (which was really hard) leading towards the picturesque gorge and Gndevank monastery was solved. The trail with the length 8,5 km starts from the village of Gndevaz. It existed even many centuries ago, however in course of time the route got covered with grass. To make it available for tourists the volunteers cleared it out. The route leads to the camping where they can get some water and stay for an overnight in the tents.

The program of developing eco-tourism in Armenia launched last year and it will be continuing in September. There are already about 200 foreign volunteers who signed up for the development of regional tourism in Armenia.

Such programs make a path for tourism development and make people all over the world know  more about Armenia which, according to the tourists visiting Armenia, is rich in hiking trails, has amazing views and hospitable people.

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The source: http://am.mir24.tv/news/91907

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