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Active Holidays and Adventure Trips to Armenia


Extreme tours in Armenia are one of the demanded adventure activities in Armenia, which is becoming popular day by day. All those who are tired of gray days and who are not used to sitting in one place are invited to adventure holidays in Armenia. The climatic conditions create excellent opportunities for various types of extreme tours in Armenia.

Extreme tourism in Armenia: where to spend active holidays in Armenia

If you are bored with boring and dull everyday life, then you can increase the level of adrenaline in the blood, taking up one of the extreme tours in Armenia. The travel agency “Armenia Holidays” offers several types of adventure trips in Armenia.


What is “Yell Extreme Park”?

The purpose of the blueprint “Yell Extreme Park” in the village of Yenokavan is to evolve adventure tourism in Armenia, to grow a primary center for extreme tourism in Armenia, to strengthen social life and facilitate a robust lifestyle.


Zipline adventure in Armenia: when people fly like birds

Zipline in Armenia has a total of five ropes with a length of 135 m, 200 m, 268 m, 375 m, and 750 m, and the altitude of the flight is 200-300 meters. One “flight” lasts from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. The feeling of freedom and weightlessness remains after that for a long time, if not forever.


Active holidays in Armenia: paragliding.

Paragliding is a fairly dangerous, but very fashionable type of aviation sport. In the park, you will be offered flights that start from a jump from a height and last up to thirty minutes depending on weather conditions. Flights are accompanied by an instructor. You will get great gratification from extreme flights in the most spectacular areas of Armenia, full of flamboyant hues.


Rope Park

In Rope Park you will have the opportunity to train your muscles and show dexterity. During the various tests on trees, it is necessary to maintain a balance, passing on the ropes, along bridges and overcoming other obstacles. The total area of the road park is 3 thousand square meters.

It should be noted that, in contrast to zipline, entertainment in a road park still requires a certain amount of physical training and effort.


Did you try offroad driving?

Offroad driving is a type of active recreation, which involves surmounting various impediments and difficulties in off-road vehicles; it is a ride on rough roads formed from sand, rivers, rocks, and mud.

Thanks to the exuberance of rock massifs and mountains in Armenia, mountaineering, and climbing are especially in demand. There are arduous mountain routes for professionals, such as Khustup and Aragats. Fans of climbing can swarm up the rocks of Dzhokhki Dzor and Noravank.

If you love to jump with a parachute, then you can choose extreme tours in Armenia, this type of activity is also trendy.

Lake Sevan is the best choice for lovers of lake diving. Skiing and snowboarding amateurs are invited to the Tsaghkadzor ski resort.

“Armenia Holidays” travel agency offers a great choice of extreme tourism in Armenia: hot air balloon rides, paragliding, rafting, zipline adventure in Armenia, jeep tours and cycling, etc. Adventure trips in Armenia are an opportunity to get vivid impressions, test yourself and take a step towards exciting adventures!

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