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Quite often, businessmen travelling to foreign countries to develop business have free time. MICE Tours in Armenia offer to spend time in the city, to learn the culture of the country and see the sights. Rest after a hard conference is always necessary. Progress of MICE Tourism in Armenia Yerevan is a major and significant...
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The Armenian culture has history of thousands of years as Armenian are considered one of the oldest nations in the world which history dates back to 3500 BC. Armenia Holidays introduces TOP 10 museums to visit in Armenia which represent the country, culture and the nation at their best. History Museum and National Gallery of...
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Extreme tours in Armenia are one of the demanded adventure activities in Armenia, which is becoming popular day by day. All those who are tired of gray days and who are not used to sitting in one place are invited to adventure holidays in Armenia. The climatic conditions create excellent opportunities for various types of...
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Spend your winter holidays with Armenia Holidays and discover a new country full of contrasts. It’s high time to plan winter holidays this year. Armenia offers wide range of winter activities of any kind. Ahead of winter holidays Armenia Holidays introduces to you the main winter activities in Armenia. Let’s have a look to the...
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Tatev Monastery in Armenia is one of the oldest and most famous monasteries in Armenia, the construction of the monastery began in the 9th century. The history of the name Tatev Who and when gave this name to the monastery is unknown, therefore there are many legends. One of the legends says that a worker,...
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Travel to Armenia with Armenia Holidays and you will see the most traditional dances in Armenia. Dance is a way of expression of nation’s nature and aesthetical mentality. Traditional dances reflect national psychology, character, worldview and national outlook on life. Armenians have been taking their dancing art through centuries despite various difficulties that struck them....
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